ITC of cage fish-breeding

The director: Kuritsin Anton Evgenjevich

Aim: commercialization of PetrSU’s SIW’s results in the field of cage fish-breeding.

Contacts: 31, Lenin St., Petrozavodsk, 185910; +7 (814-2) 71-32-48;

Directions of activity:

ITC’s CFB activity is aimed at development and including of new technologies and investment projects, integration of the interested parties’ efforts to solve the problems of aquaculture and cage fish-breeding; development of the theory and practice of the fish-breeding on the on a regional level.

Directions of activity: scientific researches, new technologies, investment projects in the field of aquaculture and cage fish-breeding; creation of the information base on the available finished innovative technologies, which can be in demand in aquaculture and cage fish-breeding, popularization of the modern standards of aquaculture’s objects’ growing; prediction of the stability of the Karelia Republic’s agriculture’s development in the field of cage fish-breeding, veterinary and ecological safety precautions in the field of aquaculture and cage fish-breeding, educational programs for the training and retraining staff in the field of cage fish-breeding, course and graduate studies of the aquaculture’s applied problems.

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Directorate for innovation
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