ITC of development and introduction of new technologies and investment projects into timber industry and mining complexes

The director: Shegelman Ilya Romanovich

Aim: commercialization of innovative scientific elaborations, R&D in the fieald of timber and mining complexes.

Contacts: 31, Lenin St., Petrozavodsk; +7 (814-2) 71-32-50;

Directions of activity:

Activity of LSPC’s ITC is connected with the organization of researches on assimilation of the innovative resource-saving processes of the forest and bosom utilization, including those, which are based on the transfer of the progressive technologies, organization of innovative teaching of the staff of different levels and development of fundamentally new patentable technical solutions.

Directions of activity: engineering, consulting and learning services for the enterprises of the timber and mining industry, including for the small and media business; investment projects, based on the innovative solutions, including by the way of technologies’ transfer; the foundation of the forest machine-building’s cluster, which provides with the transfer to the import-substitution technics; technologies and complexes of machines for the complex assimilation and recycling of tree’s biomass; methodology of provision with economic secure timber complex by the transfrontier collaboration and the development of market relations; innovative methods of genetics and selection of the forest wood species in the European North of Russia; research of physical and mechanical and technological characteristics of minerals and rocks for the creation of modern technologies of extraction and processing of mineral raw materials in the region; GIS, which connect forest and mineral resources with the transport and energy infrastructure of their development; rational technologies and sets of machines for the forest and rock complexes, accounting the range of their effective use in the country’s regions and further replication into the Russia’s economy; learning of the technological characteristics of mineral resources of the region for the building of the models of the bosoms’ cost estimates in scale of provided complexes of fields of minerals; technologies of involving stocks into exploitation, which are out of the excavation’s outlines and mineral wealth, concentrated in the burrow and waste of mining practice.

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